Jurassic World Is Getting a Sequel Because Of Course

Jurassic World Is Getting a Sequel Because Of Course

by Derek Defoe

July 24, 2015

Universal is in talks with Disney to incorporate talking raccooons.

I'm pretty sure everyone expected Jurassic World would be able to hold its own Box Office-wise, but to break record after record and to currently hold the title of the third highest grossest film of all-time is a pretty astonishing and surprising achievment. While I wasn't crazy about the movie, it should come as a surprise to absolutely nobody that a sequel is on its way.

Yesterday, Universal officially announced that the sequel will be made, with Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard returning in the cast, and Steven Spielberg behind the camera to produce and collect the stacks and stacks of cash the movie is sure to produce.

There's even an official release date: June 22, 2018. So if you just can't get enough dinosaurs in your life, be sure to mark your calendar.

What will the sequel be about? Who knows? Will they open the park AGAIN? After all those people almost died and surely the event was highly publicized? Will there be another Site B, taking the adventure off-reservation like with The Lost World? And what exactly was up with Dr. Wu and those embryos? Maybe we'll see militarized dinosaurs raging havoc over the world and The Avengers will fight them and the movie would make 800 bajillion dollars.

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