A Han Solo Solo Film Is Coming

A Han Solo Solo Film Is Coming

by Derek Defoe

July 7, 2015

Early reports indicate the screenplay stage is being skipped and they have decided to shoot first.

It has been announced today that they're going to make a Han Solo stand-alone film now that the Star Wars franchise is being brought back in a huge huge way. Just think: starting with Episode VII we might get a new Star Wars movie every year, no matter how stupid the premise is or no matter how popular the character may be that is focused on. Han Solo today. Boba Fett the next. Obi Wan after. Then maybe a movie about Max Rebo. You know you want a movie a bout Max Rebo. It could be like Ray but with a blue elephant.

Anyway, no plot details are being revealed just yet but I have a secret source that is telling me they are rushing this into production so quickly, they haven't even written a script yet, and they're going to shoot first. *Rimshot*

It could be pretty damn great. Get a talented young actor playing the mischievous smuggler, and work in an origin with his beloved Wookie buddy, I could really see this working.

The guys who did The Lego movie are directing this, so it's likely everything about it will be awesome.

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