The Curious Case of Godfather III

Discussing the black sheep of the Godfather trilogy: its faults and its virtues. Michael Corleone's redemption and Francis Ford Coppola's intentions are explored.

Defendor Vs. Kick-Ass Vs. Super

Three regular-schmoes-become-super-heroes films with similar plots are put up against each other and I determine which tackles its subject matter best.

Hollywood and Anti-War

Discussing the commonalities between films such as Avatar, Dances With Wolves, Platoon, and The Hurt Locker and their anti-war messages.

How The Hell Did Crash Win Best Picture?

One of the most highly controversial "Best Picture" winners in Oscar history: how the hell did it happen? My "theory" on the matter.

Hugo and The Artist: The Love of Film on Film

Comparing Oscar-winning films Hugo and The Artist and their mutual affection for the medium itself.

Importance of Art and the Demons of the Holocaust

Reflections on films dealing with the Holocaust, before and after: The Pianist, Schindler’s List, and The Reader.

Jason Miller and The Exorcist

Thoughts on actor Jason Miller and his most-known role as Damien Karras in the 1973 film The Exorcist.

Knowing and The End of the World

Inspired by Harold Camping’s 2011 doomsday prophecy, considering Alex Proyas’ film Knowing and its apocalyptic vision.

My Back To The Future Reminiscence

On the 25th anniversary of Back to the Future, I think back to the first time I ever watched it.

Rant: The Mandarin

Getting some stuff off my chest over the portrayal of the villain in Iron Man 3.

Rest In Peace, Roger Ebert

A dark day for movie lovers. I share a few words on the loss of film critic Roger Ebert.

Roger Moore as James Bond 007

He's the most prolific Bond so far, though his entries are by far the cheesiest. My two cents on Moore's tour of duty as the iconic secret agent.

STAR WARS, A Review By Armond White

A parody review: if controversial film critic Armond White reviewed Star Wars back in 1977.

Thoughts on Batman 3: New villains, Christopher Nolan's Involvement, and the Late Heath Ledger

Before Nolan was locked in for the Dark Knight Rises, I had hopes, concerns, and predictions for the third film in the Dark Knight Trilogy.